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Allies on the Spiritual Path is a playful, creative, magical process,
described in set of cards and guidelines, that help us experience
our inner storyteller, witness and seer.
Allies is something to play yet it's not just a card game.

Allies on the Spiritual Path invites each player to experience

more fun, creativity, deep listening, healing and magic.

We're learning to listen on a soul level.

PLAYING with these cards can CHANGE YOUR LIFE
and help players  
- trust intuition
-  listen on a soul level
-  feel more inner peace and less stress
-  remember the magic and healing
of stories and myth.​
Allies offers an experience that helps us remember in a playful, creative, magical way 
who we really are…
storyteller, witness, seer -  
each and all, One...  Allies on the Spiritual Path.  
Playing Allies heals.
"Using Allies on the Spiritual Path cards with your friends and family will enrich your times together, open new doors into your imagination and sweeten your under-standing, of storytelling, story listening and story action.  The cards themselves are both tender and surprising.  Use them to being more joy, more kindness and more play into your world.


Peggy Rubin, Director,

Center for Sacred Theatre,

Ashland, Oregon

Author of  To Be and How To Be,

Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre

"If Radical Forgiveness were a person, Allies on the Spiritual Path would be her best friend. Following the guidelines is an exquisitely safe way to respectfully listen to any story.  This is an amazing experience.  JUST PLAY.”


Colin Tipping

creator of Radical Forgiveness

APPRECIATIONS...   Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff are the co-creators of ALLIES ON THE PATH.  We are especially grateful for Bob Masters, Jean Houston and Lynn Hoffman.  We thank Allison Deatherage Francis, our web designer, Rita Loyd for Speaking from the Heart with Love and Courage © 2013, Peter DeMott for Children Gazing © 2010, Sheri Treadwell for New Beginnings © 2015, Joe Williams aka Ragman for his rag on Allies, Moira Brigit for The Eye © 2008 and for Merlin © 2007. Other images are
© Jo Levkoff.  
All are reprinted with permission.  ALLIES ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH © 2014   
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