I AM by Neil Ramage © 2013


I AM is the song we use to close when we play 


Allies on the Spiritual Path is a playful, creative, magical process, described in set of cards and guidelines, that help us experience our inner storyteller, witness and seer.

In 2013, Moira’s brother Neil came over from Scotland to visit east TN for the first time.  He experienced Anam Cara. We played ALLIES.  He walked the labyrinth.   Something deep inside stirred. Within 24 hours of his returning to Scotland, Neil wrote I AM.


Jo Levkoff is a compassionate witness and deep listener; she integrates a playful spirit with profound respect in every endeavor.  She is a licensed professional counselor in TN and a retired approved supervisor through the American

Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

She offers Heart and SoulTouch Guidance through video conferencing with individuals, couples, partners, friends and groups who want to go deeper together.

Moira Brigit is a Celtic shaman, born and raised in Scotland.  She learned about energy, healing touch, body wisdom, and shamanic journeying from her grandmother and the other healer grand-mothers in her community.  She has been serving in the Celtic shamanic tradition for over 60 years.  Moira is a soul friend and honors both the sacred and the irreverent in everyone.  Moira guides groups in day long retreats on Celtic spirituality and ceremony.




I believe I’ve been in the fire, hammered, welded and chiseled into shape for this, my whole life,  

though I wasn’t always aware. 

I’d been printing and laminating cards in my basement and using them with groups since 2008. Before that, they were incubating, simmering, marinating in a very, very slow cooker since the early 70’s, maybe longer. The cards were first professionally printed in 2013, then again in 2016. 


Moira Brigit and I met in 1987 in a 3-year training program with Jean Houston. Jean is an exquisite, mythic storyteller and brilliant evocateur of soul. It was here that I first experienced walking in a labyrinth and became aware of being on the path.  Jean created an experience called Friend in Court in which, like Athena going before a council of Greek gods for guidance to help Odysseus, we each sat before a 'divine' council for guidance.

During that same time, I'd founded and worked in a therapeutic preschool in VT called Learning to Listen

that morphed into one of the state’s first parent-child centers, The Family Place in White River Junction  VT. 

I created a video called Promoting Healthy Preschoolers and its guidebook Promoting Healthy Families.

I jumped through the professional hoops of becoming an approved supervisor through the AAMFT that allowed me to teach and supervise other therapists.  I helped establish two middle school based counseling programs and taught at Antioch/New England and ran supervision groups for graduate counseling students. 


My mentor, Lynn Hoffman, one of the masters of family therapy, introduced a process called the reflecting team. It was the most respectful supervision process for family therapists  that I'd ever experienced. Reflecting was based on the premise that when you create a safe container and offer positive feedback and energy,

the system/family/person changes itself for the good of all. 


Moira and I met again in 1995; it took me till then to realize I had met my Beloved. Moira knew at first sight. Traveling between VT and New Orleans for a year, we came to east TN and built Anam Cara (Gaelic for soul friend), our home and small retreat center.  Moira Brigit is the heart and soul of ALLIES ON THE PATH.


I worked as a family therapist at Knoxville’s rape crisis center for 5 years and through a series of synchronistic events, decided it was time to take a break from being a therapist and become a soul friend.  

I began to write and synthesize what I’d learned.  Trusting spirit, I gave up my licenses to practice in 2012. 

We wanted to find a way to offer these incredibly respectful and empowering experiences to everyone,

not just a small group of therapists in supervision and families in therapy.  

ALLIES ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH is play on a soul level.  

The experience honors our souls’ journey.