Clear GUIDELINES and BOUNDARIES help create safety.

Privacy.  Touch.  Time.  Money.  

Each equally important.

When we respect boundaries, we help grow trust.


Seems like a silly thing to address in this socially distanced pandemic yet still important to say.  Especially if friends or a family are in the room physically together.  If someone has big feelings, whatever they are-- tears, shaking  sweating, yawning, let them.  Don't touch.  Let the person have all the big feelings.  Touch and words distract.  When a feeling moves through without interruption, it's released, out, over.  More often than not, when I reach out to touch someone having feelings, it's because of my own discomfort with feeling.  If I absolutely need to touch, ASK PERMISSION before acting.  If a person with big feelings asked to be held, that's different.  Hold from the heart.

Any personal story we share in our conversation is private, between us.  Your story is not mine to tell, nor is mine yours to tell.  Your experience and insights, what you've gleaned is yours to share with whomever you choose.

Guidelines around MONEY and TIME

Fees for Heart and SoulTouch Guidance are based on a  $100 / hour, within a sliding scale of $70 - $130/hour for 1-3 people.  (4 or more people, in a family, group or organization is negotiated differently.) Once we agree on the rate, payment needs to be received and cleared 48 hours before our online meeting.     (Paypal is my preference; other arrangements are possible.)

If funds do not clear within 48 hours of our scheduled meeting, that meeting time is cancelled.  If you'd like, we can reschedule and I'll hold onto the funds or I can return 50%.   If you've paid and do not show for our appointment, you forfeit those funds in full.   If you've paid and I do not show for our scheduled appointment, I will refund your payment in full with 10% interest.  Cancellation more than 48 hours before our scheduled time receives a full refund; cancellation within the 48 hours prior to our scheduled time receives a 50% refund.  I ask you to sign a statement saying you understand and wholeheartedly agree to honor this sacred contract.  When we agree to "meet" online at a certain time, we both show up at the given time.  The room is open 5 minute prior.  If something changes and showing up on time is not possible, we communicate by email as soon as possible.  

During our conversation, I often use a timer, depending on how many people are in the conversation. 

We figure that out together at the beginning of our conversation.

There are additional guidelines when playing ALLIES ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH.  

This website is imperfectly perfect and a work in process. 

Your patience and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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