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Clear GUIDELINES and BOUNDARIES help create safety.

Privacy.  Touch.  Time.  Money.  

Each equally important.

When we respect boundaries, we help grow trust.


Seems like a silly thing to address in this socially distanced time yet still important to say.  Especially if friends or family are physically in the room together.  If someone has big feelings, whatever they are-- tears, shaking  sweating, yawning, let them.  Don't touch.  Let the person have all the big feelings.  Touch and words distract.  When a feeling moves through without interruption, it's released, out, over.  More often than not, when I reach out to touch someone having feelings, it's because of my own discomfort with feeling.  If I absolutely need to touch, ASK PERMISSION before acting.  If a person with big feelings asked to be held, that's different. 

Hold from the heart.

Any personal story we share in our conversation is private, between us.  Your story is not mine to tell, nor is mine yours to tell.  Your experience and insights, what you've gleaned is yours to share with whomever you choose.

Guidelines around MONEY and TIME

Fees revolve around a sliding scale based (+/- $40).  $130 for 50 minutes for individual work, couples at $170, family at $200.  If the fee is an issue, email something about your situation and what you can afford per session; I will consider your proposal.

We process credit card or third party payments through TherapyZen Client Portal.  Fees and cancellation policies are addressed in detail in the informed consent agreement in the portal.  TherapyZen can provide a superbill for you to submit to insurance so they can reimburse you.

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