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GIVE THE GIFT OF ALLIES TO YOU OR A FRIEND Select one or more of the 7 different sets below. The guidance printed on the back of the cards for the storyteller, seer and witness is the same in each set. In a group larger than 3, use different sets and create a fun, random way for players find their group and JUST PLAY. (After adding you purchase to your cart, the order form will appear below the pictures of the cards.)  

Richly Rewarding FUN!


Allies on the Spiritual Path has changed the way I look at my dreams and has helped me discover my storyteller self.   Storytelling and dreams come from some mysterious part of ourselves. Allies on the Path helps us discover and find meaning in those mysterious parts. For me, being alone with Allies or in a small group is richly rewarding fun!

                                                                                                Kathy Ahweh, East TN

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