Especially NOW

in this time of social isolation,

we need to be compassionate and fearless,

first with ourselves, then with each other.

We're taught in so many ways to sell our souls,

to not be true to Self. This wreaks havoc within,

on our health and in our relationships.

We are mirrors for each other.  

Heart and SoulTouch Guidance 

is a way of being together that is respectful,

encouraging, compassionate, honoring.

Allies on the Spiritual Path is a playful, creative, magical process, described in set of cards and guidelines, that help

us experience our inner storyteller, witness and seer.

The labyrinth image that appears throughout this website

is a symbol that recognizes we are each on a spiritual path.

If you're experiencing compassion fatigue,

if you're feeling traumatized for any reason,

if you simply need a place of respite and

you want to connect more deeply to spirit within,

perhaps Heart and SoulTouch Guidance 

with an Ally on your path speaks to you. 

We can connect through online video

conferencingphone or email.

SoulTouch® encourages energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical shifts in consciousness. SoulTouch is created by Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff and based on the understanding that when body, emotions and mind feel deep relaxation, ease, peace and no mind, healing is accelerated. Healing here means improving quality of  life.  Heart and SoulTouch Guidance is energetic SoulTouch for the spirit.

If going deeper into all of who you are stirs your soul, if you'd like to schedule 

Heart and SoulTouch Guidance with Jo as an ALLY on your Path,

write for a FREE 30 minute conversation.

(The first half of this time is for you; the second half is to address guidelines

should you chose to schedule.)​  If you choose to have another conversation, 

fees revolve around a sliding scale based on $100 an hour.


This website is imperfectly perfect and a work in process. 

Your patience and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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