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Especially NOW

we need to be compassionate and fearless,

first with ourselves, then with each other.

We're taught in so many ways to sell our souls,

to not be true to Self. This wreaks havoc within,

on our health and in our relationships.  

SoulTouch Guidance is a way of being together that is respectful, encouraging, compassionate, honoring.

If you're experiencing empathic stress,

if you're feeling traumatized for any reason,

if you simply need a place of respite and

you want to connect more deeply to spirit within,

please reach out.  I can be an ally on your path. 

I offer online therapy with individuals, couples and families who live in TN; I'm also a registered telehealth provider in SC

Therapy involves healing past woundings that affect present experience. I offer online therapeutic consultation (1-6 sessions) to address present or future concerns, as well as educational support groups, wherever you are on the planet.

We connect through the TherapyZen Client Portal

with online video conferencing and texting.

If you're ready, write

or phone/text 865 661 3877.  

SoulTouch® encourages energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical shifts in consciousness.   SoulTouch is created by Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff

and is based on the understanding that when body, emotions and mind feel deep relaxation, ease, peace and healing is accelerated.

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