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Reframing Anxiety:

on the Path of Self Compassion

an online 8 session educational support experience
for up to 6 people challenged with anxiety

(date, time and fee info are at the bottom of this page)

There are so many exciting changes to help deal with and heal anxiety and depression.  All the break though therapies-- neurofeedback, psychedelic assisted therapy, mindfulness, breathwork help people access self compassion more easily and faster.  Self compassion is key to healing and rewiring the brain to feel more joy, peace, laughter, gratitude and grace.

Unresolved trauma makes it almost impossible to live in the present moment; if something happened and the meaning you made from the event diminishes your sense of self or your range of emotions, it’s considered unresolved trauma. Though unresolved trauma may be the underlying cause of anxiety or depression, our focus is on growing self compassion and soul support. 


It's not necessary to speak directly about any past experience of trauma. Whatever you share will be welcomed and honored.  Big feelings may come up; anxiety may be triggered.  At the first gathering, we’ll explore guidelines for safety and support for our time together and apart.

Here’s a reframe.  Perhaps the sensation of anxiety, often starting with an experience of shaking inside, is body wisdom/ intuition’s way of saying shake.  Shake outside.  Neuroscience knows shaking releases residual tension and helps soothe the sympathetic nervous system, the default part of us that helps protect us in the face of danger, real or imagined.  Shaking helps us be present. We’ll be toning the vagus nerve which directly impacts the parasympathetic nervous system, the part that helps us relax after danger, with singing, humming, chanting and other soothing practices.  We’ll be sharing stories about how we're being compassionate with ourselves and how we can be more compassionate.  We’ll listening deeply and respectfully.  Come prepared to use body and voice. 

When we meet, you can be physically together in one space, or in separate abodes, each with your own pad, phone or laptop. 


Growing soul support is part of our mission.  The fee structure is set up to encourage friends, couples, families and co-workers to join together.  There are two options.  For a 90 minute experience, depending on the number of people (1 - 5) who enroll with you, the fee ranges from $55 - $35 per person per class. For a 45 minute class, with 4 - 6 people, the fee is $25 per person per class.         



We essentially have rolling admissions.  Once we know who’ll be at Reframing Anxiety with you, and whether you want to meet weekly or bi monthly, it takes 3-4 weeks from your first contact to set our start date.  Classes are on Wednesdays with morning, afternoon or evening options.  Once we begin, we’ll have 8 sessions total.  


If you know someone who might benefit, please share this.


Please email or text 865 661 3877 if you have questions, concerns or you’re ready to enroll.

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