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experiential, fun, relaxing

6 weeks / 45 minutes each week   choose either Wednesdays beginning

October 25th @ noon EST  or Thursdays beginning October 26th @ 3pm EST


Did I ever truly take time for me? Did I ever make space? No, not at all, everyone else’s needs were more important than mine.  Now at last, this really is TIME FOR ME.  Time for me to treat my body as my best friend.  I didn’t learn to do that at home, in school or in any organized religion.  I learned to treat my body as my worst enemy.  I didn’t look, act or speak like others wanted me to.  Not only does that erode self trust and confidence, hating my body or any part of me puts my nervous system on high sympathetic overdrive; signs include inflammation, blood sugar swings, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, sleep and immune issues, anxiety, depression.  When on high sympathetic overdrive, vagal tone is low.  The vagus nerve is the only cranial nerve that extends above and below the diaphragm; it helps regulate just about everything. Toning the vagus nerve reverses the effects of high sympathetic overdrive (Deepak Chopra’s teaching “How to Be Vibrantly Alive - secrets of your vagus nerve”).  Toning the vagus nerve helps relax and rejuvenate the body.


Join me.  In these six weeks together, we’ll explore how to tone the vagus nerve.  This TIME FOR ME includes listening to music, breathing, stretching, moving shaking, creative expression (journalling, painting, singing, any creative act that brings joy) and meditation.  Taking TIME FOR ME to be more loving toward my body helps me trust intuition more than ever.  Intuition is body wisdom.  Loving body with movement and sound, ‘exactly the way I am,’ strengthens intuition.


Self compassion, being present and breathing are keys to toning the vagus nerve and rewiring the brain to feel more joy, peace, laughter, gratitude and grace.  This is a learning lab, not therapy.  If issues surface, I’ll encourage you to seek support from your therapist or find one at Silver Lake Psychology.


In addition to attending this learning lab, I ask each participant to also devote at least an hour every week, preferably more, to take time for me at home.  If you’re not willing to do that, please don’t register as you won’t have a true experience.


FEES – When you commit to TIME FOR ME, you commit to paying for all 6 sessions.  $20 per session for six sessions; payment is collected after each session, whether you are present or not.  Payment in full in advance is $100, non-refundable.  If you register at least 7 other people, you can come for free. 


TIME & DATE  – There are two options.  Wednesdays at noon EST beginning October 25 OR Thursdays at 3pm EST beginning October 26.  We won’t meet the fourth week of November.  Choose one day. No new members once we start.  It’s best to be in a private space where you won’t be interrupted. 


If you know someone who might benefit, please share this.  Email or

text 865 661 3877 if you have questions or you’re ready to enroll. For info about Jo, click this link.     


PAY $20 WEEKLY  (total $120)




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