Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff are archetypal ALLIES on the Path.

We offer Heart and SoulTouch Coaching

for Individuals, Couples, Partners and Friends

who want to go more deeply into soul. 

Moira and Jo coach as a team or individually,

online, on the phone or in person.  

If you want to be more deeply in soul,


  Words for the ineffable…


We listen to whatever is present.  We focus on what your heart and soul needs and wants.  We are taught in so many ways to sell our souls and not be true to Self. This can wreak havoc within, on our health and in our relationships. Ultimately, we're mirrors for each other.  We're direct.  We share what comes up for each of us with you.  If you're here in person, we can also offer SoulTouch, a hands on experience of integrating changes on a cellular level.


SoulTouch® is respectful, compassionate, nonsexual touch.   Created by Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff, SoulTouch encourages energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical shifts in consciousness. SoulTouch is based on the understanding that when the body feels deep relaxation, healing is accelerated. Healing means improving quality of  life, energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Heart and SoulTouch Coaching is SoulTouch for the spirit.


If this stirs your soul, if you'd like to schedule a Heart and SoulTouch Coaching session, contact Jo at  

Fees for one of us is based on $100 an hour.  


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